One man’s junk is another man’s treasure is a phrase we’ve all heard before; but our lamp creations are living proof that the phrase is indeed alive and well.  It was approximately 10 years ago, long before any idea of building lamps entered my mind that I became the Activities Director for an assisted living facility.  I realized the seniors were not utilizing skills they acquired over many years and the idea of making lamps out of metal gas pipe was one I thought would be fun, since I had just made one from various materials in my garage.  It turns out, it was not only fun, but a way to engage them in an activity that increased their cognitive function and enhanced their creativity and mental sharpness.

Today, our vision, ideas and resourcefulness are far reaching and well beyond our first lamp creations.  We have researched and developed contacts to help us gather a wide variety of materials.  Wherever we travel, we’re always on the lookout for those special pieces that have outlived their original purpose and use. 

 We love to hear the stories of how others have put their salvaged items to use.  This helps us add meaningfulness to our work and develop a story that adds historical value to our projects.  So, in our shop, local art galleries, festival events, or on our website — don’t be surprised to see lamps made from all sorts of  gears, gauges, saw blades, pulleys, rotors, gas cans, chains and a variety of woods that have made their way to be repurposed.  We want to build conservation pieces that add an element of intrigue, mystery and character for that special place in your home or office.

 If you have an interest in owning one of these unique creations, we will make your lamp from scratch using materials we have on hand or we can use items that have a special connection to you and your family.  Of course, there is the option of choosing one that is already on display in our online shop.

Photo courtesy of Michie Turpin Photography

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